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It’s FINALLY time to introduce Southlake, TX to the bruschetta boards that make you come back for more.

Help welcome our newest location by dropping your favorite bruschetta board must-haves (secrets and all) for everyone who might be trying them for the first time this week!

📸: @dfwburblife

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Come paint a mural with us and read on to become a Postino Southlake expert in the meantime. ⬇️

It took us 2 days (and 4 talented people) to paint the mural in the indoor patio space of our new Postino Southlake location. Since the city of Southlake, TX inspired Back to the Future, we paid homage to Back to the Future. The radiant orange to electric-yellow gradient in the background was chosen to compliment the very green indoor patio and mimics both the color style in the Back to the Future logo and the coloring of the Texas monarch butterflies native to the area.

By looking at the button on Marty McFly’s denim jacket that reads ‘Art in Revolution’, the logo of Marty’s favorite band Van Halen, and the engine schematics of the Delorean, we designed the bold, angular art you see in black. What other Back to the Future elements do you think you’ll find when you visit Southlake?

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Reminiscing on a summer of delicious, battling bruschetta. ...

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Listening to Brent Karlicek, our Advanced Somm, talk about wine will never get old. He recently sat down with Sebastian Maconi of @CartelRoastingCo to dive into the intricacies of wine and coffee in their latest podcast episode, Dying At The Bar. Tune in using the link in our bio to hear these two experts talk shop! 🍷☕️ ...

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POV: #NationalRedWineDay is your favorite day of the year. 🍷

What bottle of red will you be selecting tonight at Board + Bottle to celebrate?

🎥: @carleyrbarragan

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Let the championship battle begin! 🥊😤

Fighting from Katy, TX is Mexican Street Corn and coming right out from a CLOSE battle, Spicy Sprout from Phoenix, AZ is fighting in corner 2.

This is it - the winner from this battle will be taking a spot on our menu this fall!

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