Keep It Kicked Back This Easter

April 11, 2022

The era of stressing over hosting holiday parties is OVER! We want to spend quality time with our special people but us party hosts want to have a good time too… we all know it doesn’t work out like that. Postino is here to relieve some of those hosting stresses 😉 We’ve got a few tips to make hosting these springtime festivities a little easier.

(Keep it simple, sweetie)

Whether you’ve got a few people coming over, or you’re basically running a hotel at this point, these people are going to get hungry. A lot of times, we think we need to make an elaborate meal for our guests to leave happy. But more often than not, a simple snack spread is going to satisfy even the grouchiest of guests. We are here to bring you a tip on how to put together a simple charcuterie board:

  1. Grab that nice platter that you never use (a large plate will do). We want something with a good amount of space to hold our ingredients. Bonus points if it looks pretty!
  2. There is a simple formula to follow when it comes to charcuterie: 

                   Cured Meat + Cheese + Bread (or crackers) = PERFECTION

You don’t need to make it fancy if you don’t have the time (but if you want to up your game a little, find a good pâté recipe online.) If you’re shopping the day before, why not set up a little tasting for yourself! Buy a little extra, grab a glass of wine, and see what you think goes together well. Treat yourself for being such a great host.


Sometimes we need a little alcohol for our guests to enjoy the holidays (honestly, forget the guests at this point… YOU need alcohol to enjoy the holidays. You’re the one hosting this thing after all). We aren’t all mixologists shaking up cocktails for each person; lets batch a nice springtime drink the night before and get that out of the way! 

Spring Sangria

2 bottles Sauvignon Blanc

1 bottle Pinot Gris or Dry Riesling

2 cups Orange Juice

2 cups Pineapple Juice

4oz Orange Liqueur

4oz Limoncello Liqueur

6oz Peach Liqueur

2 Oranges sliced into half wheels 

2 Limes sliced into wheels

2 Granny Smith or Honeycrisp Apples Sliced into long segments 

1 English Cucumber Sliced into wheels 

3 dashes Peach bitters

3 dashes Orange bitters

3 dashes Lemon bitters



Slice all fruit and add to a large container. Add wine, liqueurs, bitters and stir. Refrigerate overnight. 

To serve, fill the serving glass of your choice with ice and fill with sangria. Top with a few pieces of fruit for snacking! Or for a fun punch presentation, use an extra large punch bowl, add a large ice block to the center, then fill with sangria and sliced fruit.To serve, ladle the sangria into a glass filled with ice and enjoy!


We all know the lull in conversation that makes everything just feel… awkward? Fill that awkward silence with some fresh tunes! We did the hard work for you and put together a rad playlist full of some classic 90’s Hip Hop and R&B to get us in the springtime mood (we tried to make it so Grandma might even like it). Hit the link below and let the good times roll.



After reading this, maybe you still think “that’s a lot of work”. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!! Swing by our extended Easter Brunch (9am – 2pm) at your local Postino! We’ve got the food (obvi), we’ve got the fresh tunes with some local Vinyl DJ’s at select locations, and we’re making a special springtime spritz just for this occasion! Swing by, bring a few friends or family members, and have a great time!


Got a bigger event that needs a little more than charcuterie and sangria? We’ve got you covered! Cater with Postino to ensure you’re getting some great food and drinks! Book your catering through the link below and let us take that stress off your shoulders!