New Kids on the Tempe Block!

September 21, 2020

We’re so excited to announce that Postino South Tempe is officially open! This opening is particularly personal to us, as our Co-Founder, Craig DeMarco, grew up in Tempe and has a deep connection to the city. Craig was a true Tempe skater boy of the 80’s. He could be found skating in his “hot pink Mossimo shorts”, was a member of Bear Cover Skate Trick Team, and could likely share many-a-story of his teenage punk rock shenanigans over a glass of wine.

The interior is adorned with eclectic artwork including a large, hand-crafted art installation that pays homage to the surrounding community. You’ll find that we docopaged the restrooms with vintage concert posters from some of the Valley’s most iconic music venues from the 90’s and early 2000’s.

This location has been a true labor of love, patience and dedication. We could not ask for a better team that poured so much love and hard work into this space. We’re ecstatic to serve this community and provide a place to call home!