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2024 Vino Vision

January 9, 2024

Black and white photo of two hands hovering over a wine glass, like it's a crystal ball

Get ready to sip into the future with Brent Karlicek, the visionary head of beverage at Postino, as he uncorks his 2024 predictions, offering a glimpse into the upcoming trends shaping the dynamic world of wine, spirits, and beyond. From grape to glass, check out Brent’s insights on the evolving landscape of libations:

Beyond Burgundy: Uncorking Alternatives in Cool-Climate Jewels

Say au revoir to the expected as we dive into the new year, escaping the rising prices of Burgundy’s Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Globetrotting winemakers are uncorking exceptional wines at surprisingly accessible prices, revealing unique cool-climate gems. Keep a lookout for rising stars from Sonoma Coast, Sta. Rita Hills, and Willamette Valley in the U.S., as well as Yarra Valley, Gippsland, Beechworth in Australia, and Martinborough and Central Otago in New Zealand.

Fizz and Finesse: Everyday Bubbles Stealing the Spotlight

Pop the cork on everyday bubbles, where sparkling wines take the limelight, redefining value and adding a touch of finesse to both conversation and culinary experiences. From the charm of Rive Prosecco from the Veneto to the allure of Corpinnat from Catalonia, the precision of Sekt from Austria, and the charisma of Cap Classique from Robertson, a sparkling array of styles awaits—whether crisp and reductive or long-aged and oxidative. Elevate any Wednesday night with these sparkling wonders.

Mindful Sips: Zero Proof & Low-ABV Mixology Takes Center Stage

Sip smart with the surge in zero-proof and low-ABV beverages, as consumers rethink their drinking habits. While zero-proof steals the show for many, a middle ground for moderation seekers is gaining traction. Brace yourself for expansive wine and aperitivo-based cocktails making waves in bars, restaurants, and living rooms across the country. This trend reflects a growing movement towards mindful sips without compromising the allure and complexity of flavors that keep beverage enthusiasts intrigued.

Barrels of Surprises: Spirited Resurgence Beyond the Usual Suspects

Get ready for a spirited comeback as Tequila, Mezcal, Gin, and Vodka graciously step aside for a new cycle. Domestically, the spotlight is shifting towards Rum, Scotch, Irish, and Tennessee Whiskey, promising authentic spirits perfect for sipping or crafting imaginative cocktails. This trend promises a symphony of tradition and innovation, offering spirits enthusiasts a captivating solo performance or a versatile ingredient for mixology ventures. Keep an eye out for the exciting revival of these classic and diverse spirits taking the stage in the ever-evolving world of beverages.

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