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April 29, 2022

Two years ago, we opened Postino Grant, a few blocks away from the University of Arizona campus in Tucson. In the heart of a pandemic, this store was birthed into an uphill battle that affected our global communities as well as the restaurant industry. 

As we look back on the last two years with this store, we have nothing but gratitude for the community that came in and supported us through it all! The Tucson community has shown us so much love that we couldn’t help but think of ways to give back and thought of supporting the U of A community through Campus Pantry.


Campus Pantry is a non-profit focused on serving the student, faculty, and staff of U of A in the fight against food insecurity. Not only do they serve to face this problem head-on, but their mission is to also reprogram the stigma that surrounds the idea of food insecurity. As they explain, food insecurity doesn’t always mean someone who can’t afford food. For campuses, like U of A, they find themselves in a food desert; a place where there aren’t affordable groceries within a walking distance. For a lot of students, their only mode of transportation is their own two feet, and if the closest grocery store is a mile away, then sometimes they find themselves out of luck. There are many facets to food insecurity and Campus Pantry is committed to tackling each and every one. 

To follow them through their typical Tuesday is to see the culmination of a lot of hard work. This small team puts in a lot of effort to find the best grocery deals (often jumping on 10 for $10 whenever they appear), organizing their products into a meticulous, FIFO-driven, shopping area, and humbly serving the customers that come in to get their necessary groceries. 


After spending a full-day with this team, you get to see their passion for serving their community. That passion is infectious and inspired us to lend a helping hand! With Postino Grant’s anniversary coming up on, we thought it’d be a perfect time not only celebrate the past 2 years, but also raise awareness for Campus Pantry! Get $2 off any glass of wine and we’ll donate $2. Grab your friends, your parents, or invite that special someone you’ve been waiting to ask out and grab some wine for a good cause. 

A woman walks with food
A man places food onto shelves.
A man organizes food while smiling.
Two people load bags of food into a van.
A shopping cart full of food.
A woman loads loaves of bread into a box.

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