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September 19, 2019


We’ve opened our doors at 805 Pacific Street last week. Check out a sneak peek into our newest Houston home! 

Quite possibly our favorite detail of the new space? The art installation wall that pays homage to all the historic bars that lived in the space before us (The Tattooed Lady, Uncle Charlie’s, Pacific Street Station, and Montrose Mining Co)!

We’re ecstatic to have had the opportunity to collaborate with bad-ass muralist (& human), Jacquie Comrie.

Do yourself a favor and check out her work. Seriously. 

Love. Period. 

A celebration of acceptance and love in all its forms! The featured figures have been created to be as androgynous as possible, paying homage to fluidity and diversity of the gender spectrum as well as the history of the Montrose neighborhood and its role as the center for the LGBTQ community in Houston.  Powerful, provocative, colorful. LOVE IS LOVE. Period.

A busy restaurant with a collage art wall
A large room with a round coffee table, large orange couch, green chairs, and a colorful glass chandelier
A woman spray painting bright, colorful mural
A brick wall with colorful pieces of art
A wall of wine with a wooden table and chairs in front
A busy restaurant with servers walking around
A dimly lit restaurant with booths full of people
A group of people standing in from of a Postino with their hands in the air

...And the BIGGEST shout out to our badass team who made this new store possible!

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